Band Director Reviews

“My assessment is you have written an excellent program of studies dealing with the fundamentals of performance in instrumental music, particularly in the area of rhythmic training.”
~ James K. Copenhaver, Director of Bands, Emeritus, University of South Carolina

“I teach band in Texas and regularly perform grade 4 music with my students; we recently performed at the “Music For All” National Festival. I very much enjoy using your Band Fundamentals Book. Your books provide great materials for students to truly master the fundamentals. The limited ranges and rhythmic repetition are of great value to anyone interested in teaching beginning students at a higher level.”
~ Rasheed Akande, Deerpark Middle School, Austin, TX

“As an educator for over thirty years, I am a strong believer in giving my students a solid basis of musical fundamentals. Steve Hedrick’s “Band Fundamentals Scale Book” is a fantastic way to teach scales to either individual instrument groupings or the entire band. Its systematic methodical approach of teaching scale construction is a blessing to my students. As a middle school band director, I can say I have never found an easier, more efficient way of teaching scales to all my students. Bravo!”
~Paul Shoremount, Band Director, Harmony Middle School, Chairman, District XVI, Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association

“My students used books 1 and 2 this year on a daily basis. In twelve years of teaching, I have never had a band that reads this well. Unlike other books, these books give students a topic and an adequate number of practice lines on that topic. Simply put, my band is a better reading band because of the Band Fundamentals Series.”
~ Chris Wilkes, Andrew Lewis Middle School, Salem, VA

“Both my 7th and 6th graders reading ability has grown and their tone quality has really started to become more centered and true. I believe this method has changed the way my students play and process because of the constant reinforcement throughout each exercise. I especially like the percussion writing in the book. Thanks for a job well done!”
~ Bob Priest, Scott Memorial Middle School, Wytheville, VA

“I wanted to let you know how much I love your books! The practical and methodical reinforcement your book provides is something I think will benefit my students greatly and will allow them to learn faster, making my job easier and allowing them to have more fun by achieving success.”
~ Maria Brouillard, Rivera Middle School, Merced California

“Thank you for putting these books together. I LOVE THEM!”
~ Patti Kilgore, Holmes Middle School, Livonia, MI

“I just wanted to write and let you know that we are loving your books. 7th grade just finished book 2 and 6th grade is just about finished with book 1. We have more kids this year who actually “get it” when it comes to reading the music. I usually have several that want to guess at how things go and this year seems to be different. Thanks for a great product.”
~ Linda Gerber, Bryant Middle School, Bryant, AR

“Simplicity…that’s the beauty of this book. Don’t be fooled when you first look at Band Fundamentals. You will say, “So what! It looks like any other band method.” It isn’t, and once you have your students play through the first few pages you’ll see the difference, but most importantly, hear the difference. What makes a great athlete, artist, or musician? Fundamentals! And that is what this book is all about. Simply put, try it…you’ll like it! It works!”
~ Bob Correll, Carroll County Middle School and St. Paul Middle School, Carroll County, VA

“It’s incredible. My kids have sight-read five to ten times more music than in the regular method book.”
~ Dawn Chernault, William Byrd Middle School, Vinton, VA

“Steve, we received your books and love them. I would like to order the following…”
~ David Veteto, Rosebud-Lott H.S., Lott, TX