You Put A Lot of Time and Effort into Teaching

Wouldn’t you like to have a book with great pacing and reinforcement to help your students learn to read and count better?

The Band Fundamentals Series serves as a great stand-alone method book or a tremendous complement to all the well-known method books available today. Use them to fit your teaching style and meet your student’s needs.

Band Fundamentals Books provide the sequencing, pacing, and reinforcement needed for today’s students.

The Band Fundamentals Series

Band Fundamental Books

Book 1 offers great material for music reading, counting, and tone production. Band directors are consistently reporting that their beginners are reading and sounding better.

Book 2 provides meticulous introductions to advancing concepts and skills. The introductory material for each concept is presented within a limited range, giving students an opportunity to learn new rhythms and articulations without the complexity of extreme registers and diverse contrasting rhythms.

The Sight-Reading Book is designed to address rhythmic and technical skills necessary for reading grade three band literature and beyond.

The Scale Book offers learning routines that include a wealth of fingering information designed for full band class. The Band Fundamentals Scale Book has the most comprehensive, yet simple, approach to learning scales available today. Your students will finally feel that they can master scales thanks to this approach.

SmartMusic Files for Book 1, and Book 2 are available from Hedrick Music, Inc.